New VC web site goes online

A new web site dedicated to the Verified Circulation program has gone online. The site, located at , is one of the first steps in bringing the Verified Circulation program towards electronic filing and reporting. Visitors to the web site can browse through the latest news on the Verified Circulation program, download Verified Circulation logos, manuals, application forms and more. Visitors can also use the site to contact Verified Circulation staff and will eventually be able to view and file reports online. The Canadian Community Newspapers Association Board of Directors has made other moves to modernize the process and make it more in line with other auditing services. The Board voted in February, 2003, to apply a $50 per-title fee for members requesting another memberÔÇÖs updated Verified Circulation report in order to more accurately reflect the amount of time and work it takes to process the request and generate the report. The Board also voted to eliminate the practice of applying a three per cent deduction to distribution where returns have not been declared and to uphold standard policy for non-compliance. The elimination of the three per cent deduction was implemented in order to keep the Verified Circulation program current with modern auditing standards.