Dialogue opened on Unaddressed Admail

The Canadian Community Newspapers Association (CCNA) has opened a dialogue with Canada Post Corporation (CPC) regarding recent changes to Unaddressed Admail that will take effect on January 12. In the weeks leading up to this deadline, CCNA staff were advised of a number of concerns about how these changes will impact our members, particularly when it comes to inserts.

CCNA is calling on any members who use Unaddressed Admail and are experiencing difficulties with their local postmaster related to the amendments to provide details to Managing Director Tina Ongkeko at tongkeko@ccna.ca.

Canada Post’s amendment for preparing inserts states that “(a)n insert placed in a newspaper, magazine or catalogue must be firmly attached or folded into the mailing piece, in order to become an integral part of the mailing piece and not become separated during normal handling.” The amendment provides four options for achieving this: compiling the newspaper and inserts such that they form a common fold; stapling all pieces together; enclosing the inserts in a sealed envelope; and gluing the inserts to the newspaper.

While CCNA and Canada Post work to resolve this issue, Canada Post has offered to intervene on a case-by-case basis with local postmasters on behalf of any members wishing its assistance. Please contact Tina Ongkeko, providing the name of your publication and the postal location at which you drop off your Unaddressed Admail items. Note: Names will only be provided to Canada Post by those explicitly requesting assistance.

CCNA will keep members posted via the Publisher Bulletin and web site, www.communitynews.caas developments arise.