Using VC to promote your publication

In December, Verified Circulation introduced a new policy governing the use of VC materials for publicity purposes. VC materials that may be used to promote your publication are the VC logo and the VC circulation figures from the Verified Circulation Report.

Q: IÔÇÖve recently applied to Verified Circulation. May I now use the logo to put on my masthead?

Displaying the Verified Circulation logo says a lot about your newspaper. The VC logo is a stamp of approval that indicates you are a member in good standing, but more importantly, it tells advertisers and agencies that your circulation systems and practices have been independently verified. For this reason, every VC applicant must successfully undergo an initial audit before they may display the logo.

But this does not mean that you must wait six months or longer to proclaim your VC membership status? As a new applicant, you have the option to submit a three-month applied status report. While this report is not audited, it will be verified at the VC office. Once this report has been successfully processed, you will be able to tell your advertisers that you have “VC Applied” status (denoted as VC*). Applied status tells your advertisers that you have applied to VC and that they can expect your initial audit results soon..

Q: There are two editions of my paper, but only one is a member of VC. They both go to the same recipients in the same areas. May I use the logo in both papers?

Because only one of the editions has had its circulation audited by VC, you may only display the VC logo in that edition. If you would like to have your other edition audited, complete an application and send it to the VC office. Additional editions are eligible for a 50-percent discount off of the VC membership rate.

Q: What circulation figures may I use for advertisement or promotional materials?

Your VC Report contains a lot of information about your circulation system. The top section of your VC Report shows your averages for the reporting periodÔÇöTotal Paid Circulation, Total Controlled Circulation, Total Circulation and Total Distribution. You may publish these circulation figures in your promotional materials, such as your house ads, rate cards, brochures and online advertising. Please note that you must always use the figures from your most current VC Report.

Q: IÔÇÖve received my Verified Circulation Report. Where can I get the logo to use on my masthead?

The VC logo can be downloaded from the VC web site at Both black-and-white and full-colour versions are available. You may display the VC logo on your masthead, newspaper ads, advertising rate cards, newspaperÔÇÖs web site, and other promotional materials that you show to your prospective advertisers confirming that your circulation has been independently audited.

Q: Now that I have my VC figures, may I also use them to determine the readership for my paper?

VC figures may only be used to show what your circulation is; they do not denote readership. Your materials must clearly differentiate between figures that have been verified by VC (i.e. your circulation averages) and any other claims such as readership. To ensure clarity, you should mention the source of your readership claims.

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