Policy re: Occasional larger or smaller market distribution

A member may omit any issue from the calculation of their average net circulation when the total circulation for that issue differs from the previous corresponding day with normal circulation by at least 10 percent for publications with fewer than 10,000 circulation or 5 percent for publications with circulation 10,000 or over. Omitted issues must be reported separately as follows:

  • A maximum of ten omitted issues is allowed within a 12-month period.
  • Circulation figures for larger or smaller distribution must be excluded from Form X and reported separately on Form Z.1 ÔÇô Single Issue Circulation Report for Extraordinary Distribution.
  • Form Z.1 and back-up documentation are mandatory for all publications with this distribution.
  • The CMCA report will include separate mention of this distribution, including when the issue(s) was distributed, how many copies, and the distribution area.

Approved by the board of directors on October 27, 2006