Design the logo and win!

The two associations, Canadian Newspaper Association and Canadian Community Newspapers Association, are investigating presenting one logo for joint marketing purposes. Based on this, we are inviting our newspaper members to get involved and design a new logo and name.

The new logo should reflect the modern world where news is delivered in multiple ways (i.e. newspaper, computer, mobile, e-reader, etc.).

The name Newsmedia Canada (in French, Médias d’information du Canada) is a possibility but other options are welcomed.

The logo and name will be used in the media industry with newspaper members, advertisers (current and potential), media agencies and creative agencies.

The tone & manner of the logo should be: positive, smart and vital.

Submitted art work will be presented to both Association Boards for consideration and it may become our official marketing “face” moving forward. It would appear on our website, marketing materials and case studies. The winner will also receive $500 VISA gift card for their efforts.

To enter, please submit your logo and be sure to follow these guidelines:

o Logo MUST be original, incorporate a bilingual name and a symbol

(If French translation is required for your name idea, contact us and we can provide translation for you prior to the deadline.)

o Logo & name should reflect the tone and manner

o Logo must be submitted in a high resolution version (eps or pdf format 300 dpi or higher)

For reference, other relevant logos are provided for review – click here.


WHERE TO SUBMIT:Send a PDF of your logo/name design to Suzanne Raitt –