Canada Periodical Fund update – The answers to your questions

Are you confused about the deadline for the Aid to Publishers Grant? Do you need more information about the Business Innovation component of the CPF? CCNA Director of Government Affairs Eileen Barak answers some of your questions regarding CPF programs.

Author: Eileen Barak, CCNA Director of Government Affairs

When is the application deadline for the 2011-2012 Aid to Publishers Grant?

The Aid to Publishers component of the Canada Periodical Fund is the largest portion of the CPF and provides funding to many eligible community newspapers and magazines. The Department of Canadian Heritage has not yet published its Application Guide for the 2011-2012 fiscal year. It was previously thought that applications would be sent out over the summer with an early fall deadline, but that is not the case.

Details will be forthcoming from Canadian Heritage as well as CCNA as they become available. The Department will be sending out communication directly to recipient publications. As well, CCNA, in collaboration with our regional partners, will ensure that everyone is kept up to date.

What is the Business Innovation component?

When the CPF was unveiled earlier this year, there were three components to the Fund: Aid to Publishers, Business Innovation and Collective Initiatives.

The Business Innovation component encourages innovation to adapt to changing market conditions and contributes to the diversity of content sought by Canadian readers. It offers project funding to publishers of eligible small and mid-sized print periodicals and digital periodicals.

The small and mid-size print component is solely for magazines, whereas digital periodical publishers could apply to either magazine or community newspapers; however, the publication must be an online-only publication.

While the online-only requirement precludes most CCNA members from being eligible for this component, those who also publish a separate, online-only publication should consider applying.

What is the application deadline for the Business Innovation for Digital Periodicals sub-component?

The deadline for submission for the Business Innovation for Digital Periodicals sub-component is September 17, 2010, and applications must be postmarked by that date.

For more information and to download the Business Innovation applicant’s guide, visit the Canada Periodical Fund website at

Still have questions?

If you have any additional questions, submit them to Eileen Barak, Director of Government Affairs, at CNA/CCNA will continue to provide updates on the Canada Periodical Fund in future editions of News on News.