ComBase results available to media planners on October 15

On October 15, 2010 data from the most recent ComBase study will be released electronically through Nielsen IMS and Telmar HMS.  Both companies will provide access to the ComBase 2008/2009 study through their planning software.  Media planners and buyers will soon have access to detailed readership data for community newspapers in more than 200 English markets across Canada.

The most recent research demonstrates that community newspaper readership remains strong, with 74% of Canadians reading their community newspaper.  The 2008/2009 study features new information on reasons for reading community newspapers, readership of flyers delivered in community newspapers and readership of online newspapers.

ComBase 2008/2009 results were released earlier this year in table format which have been publicly available online.   National and regional highlights, as well as a list of markets and media, are currently available on the ComBase website.

About ComBase: ComBase is the Canadian Community Newspaper Database Corporation, a tripartite industry organization that conducts the principal readership research on behalf of the community newspaper industry in Canada. Operating since 2002, ComBase’s mandate is to provide title- and market-specific data for community newspapers at the market and sub-market level. Visit the ComBase website.


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