Media Credit Services seminars coming in January 2012

Following the good attendance and feedback from credit and finance staff regarding the four credit webinars offered this fall, Newspapers Canada will offer two half-day training seminars in January 2012. The topic, Bankruptcy and Receivership 101 for Credit Staff, will cover all aspects of the insolvency process in Canada.

From the four different gateways to the systems, requirements for entry through to filing proof of claims and steps creditors can take to ensure their interests are protected as much as possible. Receivership is a different process, which although the end result may be the same, is often not well understood and “setups” appear frequently.

The seminars will be offered in Mississauga on January 19, 2012 and the Newspapers Canada boardroom on January 26. The registration fees will be $75 plus HST. If successful, these and other training programs may be offered across Canada in 2012.

For more information, contact:
Ross Edmunds
Credit Analyst, Newspapers Canada
Phone: 416.923.3567 x 222