Innovative Advertising Blog: Metroland brings advertiser’s message into focus

In this edition of our Innovative Advertising Blog, Kathie Braid, vice-president, marketing and corporate sales, Metroland Media Group Ltd., shares the story behind an eye-catching advertising campaign.

Metroland is always striving to present strategic advertising ideas to its advertisers that will in turn be compelling to local readers. I am thrilled to present to you an exciting newspaper execution that we undertook for Sears Optical. We wanted to provide a unique solution to them as their goal was to have their message really stand out.

We prepared for them a false front page, which was the actual front page of that day’s newspaper but slightly out of focus. Page 2 was the Sears Optical message "Bring It All Into Focus". Page 3 (facing page 2) was the actual front page of the newspaper, in focus. The campaign included an additional ad the following week.

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The advertiser was thrilled with the campaign as were our readers!