Media Credit Conference comes to Mississauga, May 9-10

Newspapers Canada’s annual Media Credit Conference will take place on May 9-10 at Stage West in Mississauga. The 2012 conference will bring together representatives from a variety of media-types, including outdoor, broadcast as well as newspapers and other print media, in order to create a dialogue of ideas and learn from one another. There are many common challenges in this new digital era and the objective is to both share and gain experiences in each media’s world.

Among the guest speakers is Brad Wentzel from a California-based software company Cforia who will be presenting a-r automation solutions for increased productivity and Cam Reston, Senior V-P of PHD Network, an Omnicom business unit. Other speakers will include Dan Finkelstein from Litman Law on new approaches to legal collections and Tracey Churchill from the Spectator on “Creating A Credit Is Everyone’s Business” training program for non-credit personnel.

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