Innovative Advertising Blog: Bold ads result in big sales for local retailer

Newspapers Canada spotlights newspaper innovation by inviting representatives from across the country to contribute to our Innovative Advertising Blog. In this edition, Laurie Finley, vice-president of sales for the Winnipeg Free Press, highlights the use of unique print ad shapes to help a local business build sales.

The Birchwood Automotive Group has been a key client for a number of years. This year, they challenged us to come up with a weekly program that would separate them from their competition. We decided to help them stand out on the newspaper page and certainly not be missed.

The two ads (links provided below) are examples of the weekly creative we developed.The first one uses multiple placements on the same page each featuring a different car. The second ad—timed to breakthrough prior to Canada Day—is one bold diagonal piece slicing across the page.

Each ad deftly works around the editorial and the branding of this local retailer, Birchwood, is prominent throughout.

This initiative has proven successful. Birchwood shared with us that after the Canada Day ad, they garnered their best weekend sales this year.

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