Canada Post price and service changes take effect January 14, 2013

JANUARY 8, 2013 – Publishers should note pricing and service changes to Canada Post products that take effect January 14, 2013. The changes, first communicated by Canada Post in July, are summarized at (Click on “Transaction Mail and Direct Marketing Price and Service Changes effective January 14, 2013”.)

In particular, publishers should note the following changes applicable to community newspapers:

Publications Mail:

  • New 2013 Publications Mail Customer Guide is now available online at
  • New Letterflatainer (LFT) as a container option, effective June 17 for NDG Presort. Refer to poster-size Reference Guide included with Price and Service Changes package mailed to all Publications Mail users.
  • Amendment to Section 3.4 Paying for Your Mailing of the Customer Guide: The amendment includes an increase to the published Administration Fees (such as NSF fees) as well as newly introduced Administration Services Fees pertaining to providing copies of invoices, Statements of Mailing, and cheques.
  • Mail Deposit Practices introduced across the country: Mail deposit practices were introduced throughout 2012 and continue to be rolled out. The type of mail and the quantities which can be accepted in each mail deposit location has been defined. When preparing your mailing, ensure your most convenient mail deposit location has not changed by visiting
  • Make sure you use the most current software for your mailings: Both the National Presortation Schematic (NPS) and the Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP) software are updated monthly. Your SERP supplier will advise you when the newest versions are available. For the most current NPS, visit
  • New larger weight band for Samples and Promotional/Novelty Enclosures: A new “Over 100 g up to 250 g” weight band for Samples and Promotional/Novelty (SPN) enclosures will be introduced to allow for heavier items. For details, refer to the Publications Mail Price Sheet.

Unaddressed Admail:

  • No price increases for Unaddressed Admail in 2013. Publishers are reminded that they may have access to lower prices by signing an Agreement. Contact the Commercial Service Network at 1-866-757-5480 for details.
  • Elimination of High Demand Route (HDR) premium effective January 14: Canada Post has announced the elimination of the HDR premium—see separate notice at Although you may see references to HDRs in Canada Post materials as well as the Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) and Precision Targeter software, the routes will no longer be displayed and the premium will not be applied.
  • New 2013 Unaddressed Admail Customer Guide is now available online at
  • Precision Targeter online application simplifies mail preparation for Unaddressed Admail users: Canada Post gave Newspapers Canada members a demonstration of their new Precision Targeter online application in December. For a free trial, visit, or contact