Glacier announces enterprise-wide augmented reality initiative with Layar

Glacier Media has teamed up with Layar to introduce augmented reality (AR) technology throughout all of its properties in Lower Mainland, British Columbia. Glacier publications will now feature extensive use of AR in both editorial and advertising content. The Layar app, which can be downloaded on iOS or Android devices, operates as image recognition software by invisibly tagging images, logos and icons with codes to allow the augmented reality components to appear instantly on a reader’s smartphone or tablet when scanning the AR content.

Unlike QR codes in print, Layar allows reader’s to link to multiple assets; watch video, listen to audio, share content on social networks and even buy products – right from the page.

"This will allow print to come to life," said Alvin Brouwer, president of Lower Mainland Publishing, a division of Glacier Media. "Our plan is to increase engagement between our newspapers and our readers, increase the time they spend with us, improve the utility of the product, and seamlessly integrate our customers’ digital assets into our newspapers."

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