Government launches new Open Data web portal

In an effort to increase transparency and make government data more accessible for the public, the federal government has updated its Open Data website with a number of new features. The revamped portal, which launched on June 18, provides users with unprecedented access to government data compiled by over 20 different departments including health, housing and the environment. The interactive site also offers an Open Government Licence which allows individuals to reproduce and republish the content with limited restrictions.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, along with leaders from the other G8 countries, recently formally adopted an international Open Data Charter of Principles for Canada which outlines a set of common standards for publicly accessible data. According to a press release, the Charter commits Canada to “the proactive release of more, high-quality, user-friendly data that is unrestricted in its use and re-use.”

“The launch of Canada’s next-generation Open Data Portal and the adoption of the Open Data Charter clearly demonstrate our firm commitment to a more open, transparent and accountable government,” said Harper.