Take advantage of 2-for-1 pricing from CommunityWire this month

With newspapers reaching 89% of adults in Canada, this powerful medium should be a critical component of every public relations strategy. Newspapers Canada recently re-launched our in-house newswire service to help organizations and PR representatives focus in on this key audience. CommunityWire boasts over 1,100 subscribers in remote communities from coast-to-coast and—thanks to its unique position as a member-owned newswire—we can ensure releases are noticed by a hyper-local and hyper-influential subscriber base.

Newspapers Canada invites you to tap into the potential of newspapers by offering an introductory 2-for-1 special on all CommunityWire orders from now until the end of September.

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If you have any questions about the new CommunityWire newswire service, please contact Phillip Roh at proh@newspaperscanada.ca.