Get expert training on social media analytics for just $25

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks collect an incredible amount of free information about your readers, but is your newspaper making effective use of this data?

On Tuesday, December 10, Steve Buors and Jen McDonnell from Reshift Media will lead an hour-long webinar presentation on social media analytics for newspaper staff in marketing, editorial and research departments. Hear what information the major sites capture, how you can access it and what data you should focus on to get the most value for your publication.

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Hear what members are saying about Newspapers Canada training webinars:

  • "This webinar really started a dialogue and gave us some vision for using social media."
  • "The speakers were knowledgeable and well prepared."
  • "Informative—Looking forward to more."

At just $25.00 per session for members, our webinars offer high-quality training at an unbeatable price.

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