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The Challenge: Travel agency Cruise Plus wanted to effectively remind Canadians about its offers on a year-round basis. Furthermore, Cruise Plus wanted to entice by providing lots of information on locations and pricing, as well as informing vacationers of some of the more interesting and innovative options.

The Objective: The goal was to reach out to the affluent, baby-boomer market. These individuals have the money and, in some cases, more time (if retired or semi-retired), to cruise. They like cruising as it provides a comfortable and relaxed vacation that allows them to see a variety of destinations. It also provides the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals with similar interests.

The Plan: On a regular basis, Cruise Plus wants to provide the most updated information on cruises. Newspapers suit this need. They provide the opportunity for lots of copy—details on the cruise, its ports, the dates and special ‘celebrities’ on board and of course pricing and contact information for booking.

The travel sections of newspapers are a destination for vacation information. In addition, readership is strong in boomer-age category making it a perfect environment for Cruise Plus advertising.

Finally, Cruise Plus sometimes provides last-minute offers—newspapers are one of the only media that can deliver on this quick turnaround and effectively reach the target audience.

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