The Canadian Press partners with Newzulu to offer publishers crowd-sourced news photos

The Canadian Press has announced a new partnership with user-generated content aggregator Newzulu in order to open a new channel of crowd-sourced news content. CP has added Newzulu’s real-time photo stream to its online images archive. Publishers will now be able to access verified content from more than 150,000 freelance contributors and citizen journalists in over 150 countries. Newzulu also has plans to launch a platform for crowd-sourced video content in the future.

“Canada is a huge country and it makes sense to find new ways to expand coverage into local and regional events we would otherwise not be able to offer,” said Malcolm Kirk, President of The Canadian Press, in a press release. ÔÇ¿

“This arrangement widens the coverage net for Canada and creates a showcase for freelancers who wish to participate. There are thousands of cameras capturing images of Canada every hour of the day and our goal is to work with Newzulu to make the very best of those available to the Canadian media and commercial marketplace.”