Q2 2014 Linage Report now available

The Q2 2014 linage report and Run of Press spreadsheet are now available online. There are 51 newspapers participating in the Linage program for Q2 2014. To gain access to the linage, or if you have any questions about the report, please contact director of research Kelly Levson at klevson@newspaperscanada.ca.

Linage is the conventional method to measure advertising within a newspaper and is defined as the number of lines of text in a column. As advertisements are a key revenue source for newspapers, tracking changes in linage year-over-year provides insights into the status of the newspaper industry.

Each month, newspapers from across Canada provide confidential information on their advertising volumes into Newspapers Canada’s Linage system. Researchers, economists and other interested parties can purchase access to top-line linage data on a subscription basis. Monthly data is available at any time via our web portal at https://linage.newspaperscanada.ca.

For assistance logging into your account please email linage@newspaperscanada.ca.