Toronto Star Classroom Connection uses augmented reality to engage students

August 4, 2014 marked the 100-year anniversary of the First World War. In remembrance of the 620,000 Canadians that served in this war, Toronto Star Classroom Connection has compiled a special educational unit for students across Canada.

Students will be able to watch related video and audio clips come to life through augmented reality using the Layar app. A video clip from the Star’s special Walking the Western Front series will be included in the resource as well as a spoken-word poetry tribute to WWI veterans. 

The eight-page, newspaper-style resource will help students meet curriculum expectations in social studies, language arts and media literacy.

“As school was out for summer vacation at the time, we wanted to give students the opportunity, in the month the war ended four years later, to learn more about the Great War,” said Nadine Chevolleau, consumer marketing manager for the Toronto Star.

Each classroom will receive 25 copies so every student gets their own copy to take home. Teachers will also receive an interactive, PDF teacher resource by email with additional educational activities for students. They will have full access to the Toronto Star ePaper for the month of November so students can conduct research on this topic using the Star ePaper.

The program is free to schools across Canada. There is a small mailing fee of $6.99 for schools outside the Greater Toronto Area.

For more information contact, please contact Nadine Chevolleau at