Learn how to uncover new revenue opportunities with Big Data

Big Data is an aggregation of information from and about the users of your websites and other digital products. By using that information to improve your services, newspaper can deliver better results for readers and increase revenue.

On October 30, Newspapers Canada hosts a free webinar presentation with speaker Peter M. Zollman who will show you how to unlock new revenue opportunities, improve engagement and strengthen your bottom line by using existing Big Data from your classified and marketplace services. Anyone who is interested in learning how information from websites and digital services can be used to improve business, serve audiences better, and increase revenue should attend this free, content-rich, one-hour presentation.

Speaker: Peter M. Zollman, Founding Principal, AIM Group, is a renowned expert and speaker in the online classifieds / interactive media industry with over 35 years of experience.

What will the webinar cover?
The webinar will cover the use of Big Data by classified advertising companies around the world to improve their services, deliver better results for their users and advertisers, and increase their revenue.

Who should attend:

  • The webinar is open to all levels in all departments. It is highly recommended for:
  • Publishers and group executives
  • Digital media executives
  • Media webmasters
  • Classified advertising directors
  • Those in marketing and advertising sales


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