Canadian Forces Newspapers join CCNA

Newspapers Canada is pleased to announce that 16 Canadian Forces Newspapers (CFNs) have become Sustaining Members of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association. CFNs are a part of the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS), and serve all three military environments: Navy, Air Force and Army, plus National Defence Headquarters.

“Newspapers build a sense of community, allowing us to our share our stories of success and capture our history,” says BGen (Retired) Peter Atkinson, Senior Vice President, CFMWS Personnel Support Programs. “I am pleased the Canadian Forces Newspapers have joined the Canadian Community Newspapers Association, as it will allow us to continue to develop this important morale and welfare program and better serve our military community.”

Each year, the 16 base newspapers print and distribute over three million newspapers to the one million strong defence community across Canada. They are part of the larger Canadian community newspaper body, but unlike other community newspapers they have three essential roles – they serve as internal communications for the base where they are distributed, they serve as an external public relations products, and they contribute to the morale and welfare of DND personnel, both military and civilian.

“Collectively, we have decided to join the Canadian Community Newspapers Association as we feel we can greatly benefit from the industry experts in this association,” says CF Newspaper Association co-chair, Melissa Atkinson (also managing editor of CFB Esquimalt’s Lookout newspaper). “Some of us already enjoy memberships, and each year we compete in the Best Base Newspaper category of the Canadian Community Newspaper Awards. This year, and in the future, we want all base newspapers competing for the bragging rights, and taking advantage of what the CCNA can provide us.”

The following 16 Canadian Forces newspapers are now members of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association.

  1. Comox Totem Times, BC
  2. Trenton Contact, ON
  3. Shilo Stag, MB
  4. Esquimalt Lookout, BC
  5. Cold Lake Courier, AB
  6. Edmonton Sentinel, AB
  7. Winnipeg Voxair, MB
  8. Greenwood Aurora, NS
  9. Le Vortex, Bagotville QC
  10. Borden Citizen, ON
  11. Halifax Trident, NS
  12. Journal Adsum, QC
  13. Petawawa Post, ON
  14. The Shield Le Bouclier, ON
  15. St-Jean, St-Jean, QC
  16. Ottawa Guard of Honour, ON