Vividata releases first full-year study of Canadian consumers

Eight out of 10 Canadians are reading newspapers each week according to the first full-year study released by Vividata. The comprehensive 12-month study also shows significant growth in readership on digital and mobile platforms, with 54% of Canadians now reading daily newspapers on a digital device.

Digital readership is especially pronounced during the work week; 35% of weekday newspaper readers are exclusively accessing content on a digital device. Weekend newspaper readers tend to prefer print, and digital-only readership moves to 20 per cent.

For Millenials (young adults aged 18-34), more than half are reading a newspaper during the work week; 38% are accessing content via digital devices exclusively, 25% are print-only readers, and 36% use a combination of both digital and print.

Boomers (adults 50+) continue to be strong newspaper readers, and they are increasingly shifting from print to digital. Vividata research shows 29% of Boomers are now reading newspapers and magazines on a digital device.

Vividata’s first full-year study surveyed 38,000 consumers across Canada from January to December 2015. This research, conducted through a probability-based sample, reports on 117 publications and captures the evolution of how consumers are using print and digital media to inform what they buy, do and think.

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