CJFE releases 2016 Review of Free Expression in Canada

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression has released its latest Review of Free Expression, providing an in-depth report on the state of free expression in Canada. The 2016 review includes a Free Expression Index, findings from a national opinion poll, and a series of feature articles on free expression issues, events and legislation.CJFE Review of Free Expression

The Review also contains an annual Free Expression Report Card, grading government institutions at federal, provincial and municipal levels. Institutions are evaluated on their levels of transparency, or secrecy, and their efforts towards upholding free expression. Notably, a number of these institutions have earned higher grades this year, particularly with the passing of anti-SLAPP legislation in Ontario and the un-muzzling of federal scientists. This year’s Report Card gives Canada’s new Liberal federal government a grade of C- on access to information, which is a significant improvement over last year’s F grade for the Conservatives.

“Overall, Canada seems to be moving in the right direction, but this is just a start,” the report reads. “Far more work needs to be done to push Canada to a place where the public can fully enjoy their constitutionally protected free expression rights.”