Canada Post and CUPW reach tentative agreements

AUGUST 30, 2016 – Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) have reached an agreement in principle, averting a work disruption that CUPW had twice postponed since the two sides entered into negotiations with a mediator last Friday.

CUPW’s negotiating committee unanimously recommended the agreements—one each for urban and rural workers—to its national executive board, who, in turn, are recommending that the membership ratify them.

The agreements are for two years, rather than the usual four-year agreements that were negotiated in the past. In its statement, Canada Post indicated that the two-year agreements would avoid a work disruption and allow more time to examine issues facing the Crown Corporation, including declining mail volumes and rising pension costs, and the best way to address them. Details of the agreements can be found on the CUPW website.

CUPW has yet to set a date for the ratification vote. In the meantime, it will be business at usual at post offices across the country.

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