Toronto Star’s ‘Newspapers in Education’ launches two new school resources this fall

The Toronto Star’s Newspaper in Education (NIE) division will launch two new resources for schools in Canada this Fall.

The new Toronto Star Classroom Connection Ontario Field Trip Guide will be distributed to over 16,000 teachers in September. The 60-page guide includes profiles and advertisements from over 50 companies promoting their Field Trip programs to teachers.

“The guide offers teacher’s a convenient way to plan educational field trips for their students,” says Nadine Chevolleau, consumer marketing manager at the Star.

For the second year in a row, the Star’s NIE program will also launch a new financial literacy program for schools across Canada.

Last year’s program received two first place awards: A Great Idea Award from Newspapers Canada, and International News Media Awards.

Financial literacy is an essential life skill.

This program focuses on the five pillars of financial intelligence: earning, saving, spending, investing and ‘giving back’, with hands on activities that help students learn how to develop a budget and understand the difference between needs and wants. The program also includes relevant newspaper content to further support financial literacy in the classroom.

Newspapers offer a wealth of information related to financial literacy and are a great resource for teachers and students to utilize.

This program will be available to schools in time for Financial Literacy Month in November. Parents can pick up a free copy of Your Money Matters 2.0! at most Toronto Public Library locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

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