Local online news consumption is on the rise among Canadians

More than two thirds of Canadians report regularly consuming news online according to a new study released by Media Technology Monitor (MTM).

The annual survey investigates news consumption habits among Anglophone adults. More than half of the survey respondents (60%) identified themselves as a heavy news consumer, following local, national, international and/or political news once or more per day.

Overall, 98% of news readers indicated that they accessed online local newspapers in the past month, while 73% had read a national newspaper.

The survey also revealed that traffic to news aggregation sites (such as Huffington Post and Google News) continues to increase, with 50% of respondents accessing these portals more than once per week – a 16% jump from MTM’s 2015 study. Social media remains steady from 2015 with 34% of respondents getting their news from platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

The full report is available (by subscription) on the Media Technology Monitor website.