Vividata releases study of 40,000 Canadian consumers

Vividata, Canada’s authoritative, single source for print and digital audience measurement of magazines and newspapers, has released their latest survey of 40,000 consumers across Canada.

Based on in-depth information gathered between July 2015 – June 2016, the 2016 Q2 study reports on what consumers have been using, buying, thinking and reading. Insights on media usage, brands, products and retail behaviour, as well as detailed demographics, provide a complete picture of the Canadian consumer.

This release from Vividata reports print and digital readership for 144 newspapers and magazines, and provides comprehensive media profiles at the national and individual market level. For the first time, Vividata is reporting daily newspaper readership for 49 markets in a single database. The study also includes results from a new series of questions introduced to understand changing media usage and delivery platforms, including mobile, social and electronic wearables.

“Given the evolving media environment and significant shifts in media behaviour, the timely insights from Vividata are more valuable than ever to our stakeholders,” said Sara Hill, President and CEO of Vividata. “Our ability to accommodate ongoing changes and refine survey questions are unique strengths of the Vividata research.”

Vividata 2016Q2 Research Highlights: 

  • Newspapers and magazines play an important role in Canadian lives, reaching nine of 10 adults per week. The 2016Q2 results confirm that print readership of newspapers is stable (+ 0.5 per cent) and print readership for magazines increased marginally (+ three per cent).
  • The digital metrics in this release reflect a change in methodology, introduced in January 2016, to more accurately measure digital readership. These results are based on the most recent twelve months and include only six months of the new digital metric. Therefore, direct comparisons cannot be made to previous studies.

Newspapers (72 Daily Newspapers Reported) 

  • Eight out of 10 Canadians are reading a newspaper each week in the 49 measured markets. Vividata can now confirm that readership in markets with a population under 100,000 is on par with major metropolitan markets.
  • Canadians are reading newspapers in both print and digital formats. Of adults that read a daily newspaper, 47 per cent read only a paper version. Twenty-eight per cent read only a digital version and 25 per cent read on both print and digital platforms. Print-only readership is stronger (56 per cent) for local papers in non-metropolitan markets.
  • Readers of all ages engage with newspaper brands. Over the average week, daily newspapers reach 74 per cent of Millennials (18-34) and 81 per cent of Boomers (50 to 64).
  • Readership by platform and device varies by age group. For Millennials, 65 per cent of those who read a newspaper yesterday, did so on a digital platform (38 per cent digital-only and 27 per cent digital + print). Smart phones are reported as their number one device choice. Thirty-five per cent are print-only readers.
  • By contrast, 53 per cent of Boomers who read a newspaper yesterday, are print-only readers. And 47 per cent chose a digital platform (23 per cent digital only and 24 per cent digital + print). Computers and tablets are reported as their preferred devices.

For topline results by publication and more information visit The next release from Vividata, scheduled for January, 2017, will report on the period of October 2015 through to September 2016.