Newspapers are a trusted source

Trust in the news media is still very strong in Canada according to recent research from Environics. Globally, Nielsen finds that six in ten adults trust ads in newspapers.

Here at home, research from Advertising Standards Canada finds that consumers find advertising helpful with decision-making and continue to have a favourable impression of advertising. And when it comes to trust, Canadian consumers report higher comfort levels with newspapers ads over other media.

Newspapers Canada has compiled research from various sources to create a new Trust in News Media presentation, which confirms newspapers’ position as a trusted source.

Source: Advertising Standards Canada 2016 Consumer Perspectives on Advertising report

Additionally, Newspapers Canada’s recent addition to the meme campaign offers consumers of news some sage advice on media literacy in the midst of the current fake news problem. “Newspapers are a source that readers can trust,” says Doug. Doug’s message to ‘check your sources’ is an important one, particularly given the recent, and well-documented, shortcomings of Facebook’s algorithm, designed to surface trending topics. Newspapers are encouraged to share Doug’s message with their respective audiences. You can see the rest of the ads currently available here.