The Globe and Mail tops Vividata rankings

The latest rankings from Toronto research firm Vividata shows that Canadians still have a sizeable appetite for newspapers, reports Media In Canada.

For newspapers, survey respondents were asked whether or not they read a newspaper “yesterday.” Print readership (measured in average issue audiences for weekdays) remained somewhat steady with only a few dips: 8.8 million Canadians (age 12+) read “any” national print newspaper in 2016 Q3, down from 9.3 million in Q2.

The Globe and Mail beat out the National Post in the national newspapers category, pulling in an average issue audience (for weekdays) of 2.6 million on digital and in print, versus 1.8 million at the National Post.

The study also summarizes readership for other publications such as the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun, Metro, and the Vancouver Sun. For a full summary of the Vividata numbers, please click here.