Brampton Guardian under fire for doing their work

The Brampton Guardian, a newspaper owned by Metroland Media, has recently drawn the ire of a Brampton city councillor after the publication criticized the lack of work being done by council members on key transit files.

The Toronto Star has published an editorial in support of the Guardian’s work, saying:

“A free, independent news media is vital to ensure government is held to account at every level – local as well as national.

Unfortunately, that freedom is under threat by a group of city councillors in Brampton who seem out to bully the media for simply reporting what they’re up to.”

Regional Councillor Gael Miles put forward a motion that would effectively put independent reporting under official scrutiny.

The councillors supporting the motion say they’re putting the media on notice for supposedly biased and inaccurate reporting.

News Media Canada fully supports the work of the Brampton Guardian. You can read a full statement from them on this issue here.