New research confirms nearly all shoppers use some form of flyer

According to recent research from BrandSpark International and Metroland Media, nine out of ten Canadian shoppers use some form of flyer or coupon (print or digital) to help them navigate retail environments before they shop.

The study finds that there are now many different ways for shoppers to get access to deals, and the majority are using a combination of printed and digital formats when accessing flyers or coupons.  Few shoppers are using a single platform exclusively suggesting an omni-channel communications strategy is the most effective.

With seven in 10 using a combination of print and digital flyer formats, it is important to consider how these channels are used together:

  • 28% use all formats (omni-channel)
  • 37% use a combination of print and web based
  • Flyer apps are nearly always used in combination with another format

More information can be found here.