Have your say and support Canadian journalism today

News Media Canada, in partnership with the Department of Canadian Heritage, has launched a new industry survey designed to build a comprehensive profile of the Canadian newspaper industry. This project is the first of its kind, with the goal of documenting the changes and the challenges that face our industry.

Your help is critical to ensuring we build an accurate profile of our industry. This is important to ensure that policy-makers have the most accurate quantitative data to help inform, and influence future decision making. For this to happen, we’re asking all Canadian newspaper publishers to share some key information that is essential in accurately “taking the temperature” of the industry.

Department of Canadian Heritage programs, like the Canadian Periodical Fund (CPF), have been incredibly important to many newspapers in support of their delivery of unique Canadian content. Unlike ever before, we are building an industry database to ensure that government policies and programs continue to effectively support journalism in Canada.

Please be assured that the information being collected by Totum Research will always be treated with the utmost confidentiality and is not available to any other parties.

Questions about this survey, and this project, can be directed to Kelly Levson klevson@newsmediacanada.ca at News Media Canada, or Claude Heimann cheimann@totumresearch.ca at Totum Research.

More details on this project will be available here.