Act Now: The Canadian journalism and the newspaper industry need your help

News Media Canada, in partnership with the Department of Canadian Heritage, needs your help in building a comprehensive profile of the Canadian newspaper industry to ensure that:

  • Policy-makers have the most accurate quantitative data to help inform, and influence, future decision making; and
  • Government policies and programs continue to effectively support journalism in Canada.

As an industry, we need to work together to support Canadians’ continued access to real news and sustain the critical function of Canadian journalism. Department of Canadian Heritage programs, like the Canadian Periodical Fund (CPF), have been incredibly important to many newspapers in support of their delivery of unique Canadian content.

Publishers across the country are receiving confidential online surveys that will help to shape the future of our industry. Please consider participation in this ground-breaking initiative by providing whatever information you are comfortable sharing.  Every little bit helps.

All data collected by Totum Research remains completely confidential at all times and is not available to any other parties. If requested, Totum Research will also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Inquiries can be directed to Claude Heimann of Totum Research at or (905) 731-6531.