Deadline for Canadian Association of Journalists awards fast approaching

The deadline for the 2017 CAJ Awards is 11:59 p.m. ET on Jan. 15, 2018.

Why should you submit your work for consideration?
  • Judges can only consider what’s been submitted.Each year, finalists and recipients are chosen from the best of what is available. If you’ve ever thought, in hindsight, your work could have fairly competed against the items named as finalists, don’t hold back.
  • You give yourself the chance to be recognized by submitting your best work. In an era of ever-decreasing resources and ever-increasing challenges to accomplishing day-to-day journalism, it can be difficult to identify standout work by memory at the end of a year. It’s always worthwhile to review your portfolio for the year with fresh eyes.
  • You don’t give yourself the chance to compete unless you submit. It’s easy to get discouraged thinking your work could never compete fairly against something coming out of a bigger newsroom with more resources. It’s surprising to see how some categories — particularly those for community media — draw fewer entries. We work hard to try and level the playing field to recognize and acknowledge that good journalism comes from many different corners.
  • The CAJ Awards program is unique — it’s one of the few in Canada that offers categories where works produced in different formats can compete directly against each other. There are some categories that are more platform-specific, but all allow for work produced on multiple platforms — online, print, video, audio — to be included.
  • CAJ members are eligible for vastly reduced entry fees. An individual entry from a member is only $30, compared to $110 for a non-member. In the community categories, CAJ members submitting individual entries pay NO entry fee. First-time memberships start as low as $40/$45 a year, with renewals starting as low as $40/$75.

To review all the information on submitting an entry into the CAJ Awards program, visit this page on our website. Or you can head directly to the submission portal.

If you have any questions — any — please do not hesitate to email the awards committee.