La Presse launches DADA: a new digital lifestyle and trends monthly publication

Ever mindful of expanding opportunities for its advertisers while continuing to bring its readers the stories they’re interested in, La Presse is launching DADA, a new interactive monthly. This themed publication is lifestyle- and trends–oriented, and an ideal vehicle for branded content initiatives.

The premiere issue, Partir mieux!, explores various facets of travel, and will be inserted in the Sunday, April 22, edition of La Presse+. Readers will discover a magazine with crisp, elegant style and exciting design complementing the daily editorial sections. The subsequent issue, coming in May, will be titled Vite dehors! and is a summer season preview. These will be recurring themes from year to year.

“Grouping our lifestyle coverage into themed issues announced several months in advance, and showcasing it in a refreshing, interactive environment, DADA lets us deliver even more beneficial options for advertisers looking to maximize the potential of their branded content strategies,” says Émilie Goudreau, Director, Media Creativity and Content Marketing, La Presse.

You can read more about this new publication here.