New research provides insights about audiences for newspaper brands

Newspaper audiences are generally viewed through a limited lens, but the recently released Vividata’s spring 2018 study is expanding the way we look at these audiences.

The “attitudes toward media” segments provide unique findings for newspaper brand audiences. There are six distinct groups that showcase the various attitudes and preferences Canadians have for different media vehicles.

Looking at newspaper audiences from the perspective of attitudes and preferences brings to light unique behaviours beyond simply mirroring age, gender, income, and so on. Certain behaviours are simply dictated by personal preference. Those who have a shared preference, behaviour, or way of thinking may share some demographic qualities, but this is not always the case.

One thing segments have in common: They turn to newspaper brands for trusted, in-depth coverage.

In the presence of fake news and quick yet inaccurate presentations of news from independent parties, newspaper brands remain recognized for in-depth, trusted coverage. All that differs with their audience is who’s reading and how they’re reading.

You can read more about this study’s findings here.