Newspapers are a trusted media platform

When Canadians want the facts they turn to newspapers.  Adults across Canada read local newspapers to find out what is happening in their community.  Trust is a key element for consumer engagement which leads to action. Data on trust in various ad formats continues to find that newspapers top the most trusted list in a digitally overwhelming world. Newspaper ads in print and digital formats are the most trusted of all ad formats.

On a daily basis Canadians are surrounded by media, bombarded by thousands of brand messages on an increasing number of traditional and digital platforms. Digital interactions in a single “Internet Minute” are mind boggling. Canadians tell us that they don’t want to see ads in social media; social media is used primarily to communicate with friends and share stories, photos and videos. As a result, more than half of Canadians (53%) respond to digital advertising with ad blockers, primarily on computers and to a lesser degree on tablets and phones.  Not surprisingly, ads in social media, search engines and on mobile devices are the least trusted.

New research, Local Newspapers: Trusted and True, explores the relationship Canadians have with their newspapers and other media.  View and download study material online here.