The short story of how a printed newspaper in Moosomin, SK, is thriving

In Moosomin, a small town of 3,000 Saskatchewan residents, print is still alive and well for their community newspaper, The World-Spectator.

The November 26, 2018 edition had a whopping 104 pages of content, including their Christmas Gift Guide and Winter Fun guide which is also distributed to hotels, ski hills, restaurants and casinos.

Every week the World-Spectator distributes almost 4,000 copies in addition to about 30,000 copies of their regional monthly, the Plain and Valley.

Publisher and Editor Kevin Weedmark credits their success to the supportive businesses in their community and says: “we just work hard and try to serve our community and everything falls into place. We do produce a lot of special sections, and promotions like our Summer Shopping Spree and our $15,000 Christmas Giveaway to give our advertisers lots of options.”