Get rewarded by launching your Proud Advertiser campaign this month

Looking for ways to engage your local market advertisers?

We think you should consider our free Proud Advertiser program. Member community newspapers who launch the program this month can qualify for a $300 payment by running an ad recognizing their advertisers, publishing an editorial to educate their readers and ordering FREE custom stickers to deliver to advertisers.

“Here at The Harrow News we have been running the “Proud Advertiser Campaign” since March with ads as well as editorials, including a story on our front page.  We feature advertisers every week and deliver Proud Advertiser stickers to them after the ad appears. Everyone here is really enjoying “Proud Advertiser” and we plan to continue supporting the program.” – Natalie Koziana, Publisher, The Harrrow News, ON

Find all the material to get started in your market by clicking here.  If you need examples of how other markets are running the program or want editorial that you can run in your market, email Kelly at