Seaway News purchased by icimédias

The Cornwall Seaway News has been purchased by icimédias from TC Transcontinental.

Seaway News employs a staff of 11 people, all of whom have been retained by icimédias. icimédias has also committed to maintain the distribution of Seaway News, meaning that the paper will continue to be distributed weekly in the Ad Bag.

“We’re pleased to announce today that we’ve sold this paper to icimédias,” said Denis Henault, Senior VP of the Distribution Group at TC Transcontinental. “We think readers will be in good hands. We think the readers and clients will be well served going into the future. We are happy with Seaway News will benefit from the experience at icimédias.”

icimédias, owned and operated by Renel Bouchard and Marc-Noël Ouellette, designed the new web platform that Seaway News launched in February. They own 21 newspapers that they purchased from TC Transcontinental in medium and small urban areas.