Study shows traditional ads viewed more favourably

When it comes to reliability and helpfulness, buyers should know that it’s not just the creative that affects viewers’ perceptions. According to a recent study by AdStandards, not all media is created equal, and ads on certain media are viewed as more trustworthy than others.

Canadians view ads more positively, according to AdStandards. In the organization’s annual survey, 77% of Canadian respondents reported that they view advertising favourably, and that rate has been on the rise for five years. However, there’s been a recent lapse in how helpful they find advertising. In the most recent study, 62% of respondents found advertising helpful, down from 66%. That rate had previously been on the rise.

AdStandards surveyed 1,500 Canadians in late 2018. Those Canadians expressed that they had an easier time accepting and believing some ads over others.

For example, even though newspaper ads are seeing less ad spend by the year, these ads have the highest rate of being perceived as accurate and reliable by Canadians. In total, 74% of Canadians consider newspaper ads to be the most trustworthy and accurate (73% in the 18 to 34 cohort).

You can read more about these findings here.