Financial Post, Callaway Golf get ‘Down to Business’ in new podcast

The Financial Post is offering a slight pivot from its traditional style, using the intimacy of audio to enhance its coverage.

The Postmedia brand launched a new weekly podcast, Down to Business, April 24, hosted by telecom and media reporter Emily Jackson. The 20-minute format is designed to go beyond the headlines and offer deep analysis.

“This is a conversation with business leaders and thought leaders about topics that impact the economy and corporate Canada and investors about things that really matter,” Nicole MacAdam, executive producer at the Financial Post tells MiC.

Callaway Golf has signed on as a launch sponsor for the series. MacAdam says Postmedia intended from the start to find a launch sponsor, but admits that Callaway came on “later in the process.” But, she says, it’s a natural fit.

You can read more about this new podcast here.