Go Go Gleaner! Excited to see The Gleaner in print again?

The June 5th relaunch issue of The Gleaner was entirely thanks to local volunteers.  In order to bring back the community newspaper on a continuing basis, funds are needed for operating expenses during the startup period.  The community paper is aiming for routine circulation of a print version beginning in September and is actively fundraising in order to do it.

Founded 156 years ago in 1863, the Huntingdon Gleaner was owned by various family businesses for most of its history. Even though it was technically a private business, local ownership conveyed the title of ‘community newspaper’ as is typical across Canada.

As happened with the majority of print media outlets around that time, The Gleaner became part of a chain in 1985, and saw various owners over the years. In 2018, the owner, Gravité Média, reached out to the community to see if there was any interest in acquiring the title. Shortly thereafter, a non-profit community organization was formed to put plans into action to revive the publication as a true community newspaper.

You can check out The Gleaner’s website the-gleaner.com.