Have You Heard? Newspapers are Engaging

Advertising is about more than awareness or exposure.  Effective advertising is about engagement. The most effective advertising campaigns engage consumers on multiple platforms and touchpoints. New research confirms that printed newspapers engage readers like no other medium.

News Media Canada, with the support of the Government of Canada’s Department of Canadian Heritage, contracted Totum Research to conduct research to explore the complex issue of engagement with media and advertising.

Canadian adults are engaged with news media brandsbased on 16 statements on media engagement, news engagement and ad engagement.  The results confirm that Canadians are almost twice as likely (index 170) to be engaged by printed newspaper ads.  The only other positive engagement with advertising is with Search ads.

On General Engagement measures (trustworthy, ethical, inspires me, etc.) most media score positively (printed newspapers, TV, radio, digital newspapers), except for social media and search.  When it comes to engagement with News Engagement there is a similar pattern.

However, when it comes to engagement with Advertising it is clear that printed newspapers outrank all other media with an index 170% above average.  Ad engagement is based on noticing ads, likelihood of purchasing, sourcing useful information as well as the level of annoyance.

Look for more data from the “Engaged Readers and Effective Advertising” presentation in the coming weeks.

For more information contact Kelly at klevson@newsmediacanada.ca.