Quality news sites get ‘halo effect’ on ad viewability

The World Media Group claims the research shows advertising on “quality journalism” sites has had a “halo effect” as consumers have been gravitating towards trusted news sources in recent years in an era of fake news.

Moat, a third-party analytics and measurement company, conducted the research study.

“The Moat analysis underscores what we have long believed – that consumers are more receptive to advertising when it’s presented within an environment of high-quality content that they trust.”

Alex Delamain, chair of the WMG and senior vice-president, head of sales and client services, EMEA, at The Economist, said: “The impact of poor-quality journalism and fake news over the last couple of years has made consumers much more savvy about where they go to for information.

To read more about the impact of the ‘halo effect’, you can read the full story here.