Consumers say a quality digital ad environment is even more important than a personalized one

Recent neuro-insight research from Integral Ad Science in the on consumer ad perception finds that people’s reactions to digital advertising are dramatically different based on the quality of the content.  Ads viewed in quality digital environments were perceived 74% more favourably than the same ad in a low-quality environment.

“The quality of content in which an ad appears matters to consumers and has a significant impact on their fondness of a brand” stated Tony Marlow, chief marketing officer at Integral Ad Science.  “Marketers need to take heed and continue to make a concerted effort in ensuring ads are run in high-quality environments, to not only reach consumers, but make better connections with them as well.”

The research from IAS confirms:

–        Content quality matters slightly more than personally relevant content

–        Consumers are less likely to engage with ads in low-quality environments

–        Ads in low-quality environments annoy most consumers

Download the full results of The Halo Effect study by clicking here.