2020 Federal Lobby Week - Levelling the Digital Playing Field

To support the Levelling the Digital Playing Field initiative, News Media Canada member publications are asked to contact their MP to request virtual meetings the week of November 30th as part of the 2020 Federal Lobby Week.

Our virtual Federal Lobby Week meetings will be an important touch point in our campaign to support the statement by the Minister of Heritage indicating that he will introduce legislation to require Facebook and Google to pay for the content they use from publishers and to negotiate and compensate publishers fairly for advertising.

Our community connections are a significant advantage.

Let’s use them to demonstrate how important it is that MPs support our publications.

Set Up a Virtual Meeting with Your MP

Step 1

Download the spreadsheet below to find your MP’s contact information. Use their email address with the email template to send a personalized email requesting a meeting.

Step 2

Write a personalized email to request a meeting by downloading the template below.  Open your email program and insert MP’s email address in the TO field of the email. COPY and PASTE only the email copy in the file below. ** Make sure to BCC klevson@newsmediacanada.ca and eric.dillane@hkstrategies.ca so we can track meetings and engagement.  **

Step 3

Join publisher pre-briefing video calls to ask questions and prep for your meeting.

  • Thursday November 26 at 5pm (Eastern) – click here
  • Friday November 27 at 10am (Eastern)  – click here

Meeting Resource Material

Fact Sheet

Download the Fact Sheet which explains Who We Are, The Challenge We Are Facing and the Call to Action.

Executive Summary

Download the Levelling the Digital Playing Field Executive Summary below.

Meeting Script

Download a script that will help guide your meeting.

Meeting Follow Up Resources

Thank You Letter

After your meeting follow up with a letter of thanks.  Download letter template below.

Meeting Tracking Sheet

Send feedback on your meeting’s discussion by completing the tracking form below, and email to klevson@newsmediacanada.ca.

Print Ads

To educate your readers on the issues facing our industry and our call to action we have developed advertising material that should be published the week of November 30.

Download print ad pdf’s (full page, half page, quarter page, banner) or source files below to create a custom size.