If you are a news media publisher in Quebec or Ontario, or a publisher of Indigenous news media, the Local Journalism Initiative is here to help you. Launched by the Government of Canada in 2019, the Local Journalism Initiative provides support to news media publishers by funding reporters to cover civic journalism in underserved communities.

Given the technological and economic changes that have transformed how news is delivered over the past decade, there are communities across the country that have become areas of news poverty or news deserts.

This is why you should apply to the Local Journalism Initiative. News media are vital for helping Canadians keep on top of news and events in their communities. Civic journalism is essential to help keep people informed about major issues in their regions like council decisions, new economic development, fisheries or agricultural plans, trade agreements,  or teachers’ strikes, and whether those making decisions are being held accountable.

The Local Journalism Initiative strengthens local coverage of civic institutions like courthouses, city halls, band councils, school boards and provincial legislatures, port authorities or transportation boards, in communities where there is limited access to journalistic content or significant gaps in coverage because of lack of capacity.

News Media Canada is currently accepting applications from English news media in Ontario, French news media in Quebec, and Indigenous news media across the country. The program is open to existing Canadian-owned French, English, and Indigenous print and digital news media organizations.

Apply now, or learn more. Visit www.localjournalisminitiative.ca or contact us at lji@newsmediacanada.ca.