Digital consumption of news and information continues to rise in Canada

In a recent blog post, Bryan Segal of Comscore examines the news/information digital growth in Canada.

“It is amazing to see the category growth over the past few weeks of Canadians going to news entities to get updates. The hockey stick growth from the start of March 2020 is very evident. The news and information growth is being driven by local news, general news, and business/finance news. That being said – technology, politics, and weather are also seeing growth.

The data trends show Canadians are flocking online with significant growth in news entities, instant messaging, social media, government resources, entertainment, music destinations, video, and financial websites. What this means for marketers and advertisers is a significant opportunity to reach Canadians who are highly engaged and are looking for relevant and timely content.  It comes down to delivering the right message, at the right time, in front of the right audience, in brand safe environments.”

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